Episode 28: Brian Palmer of Claimstake Brewing & Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts Founders Russell Kay and Steve Hayer

August 2, 2016

Host Ben Rice visits Claimstake Brewing in Rancho Cordova, to talk with owner/brewer Brian Palmer, as well as founders of the Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts Facebook Group, Russell Kay and Steve Hayer. If there's one thing this episode has, it's a bunch of wonderful people sauced to the gills talking things they love. If there's two things this episode has, it's that and layers (layers). We discuss the road from home brewer to micro brewer, as well as what is needed to start your own brewery, and the items you foresaw and couldn't have seen coming. Plus Brian announces some big things. Ben describes his first home brewing experience and never, ever lives it down. It's chock full of information, callbacks, name calling, parenting tips, and experimental beer style suggestions. I hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording. Enjoy!
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Episode 27: JJ Anderson of Black Vinyl Ale Project & Paul Burke, Owner of Blacktop Comedy

July 25, 2016

On Episode 27 of Barley & Me, host Ben Rice turns it up to 11 with JJ Anderson of Black Vinyl Ale Project (Rocklin, CA) and Paul Burke, owner of Blacktop Comedy (Rocklin, CA). Prepare for the three of them to wax philosophical about music, beer, comedy, business, and life, as they take trips down Memory Lane, only to find out everything has changed. Plus Paul teachs us about the different formats of improv comedy while JJ gives insight into obtaining hops when there's a hop crisis. Ben announces a new comedy show he's doing, which is impressive, but not as impressive as Black Vinyl's freshly-announced second location in Sacramento. It might get weird, and it totally gets weird, as we pinpoint our own little quirks that make us borderline unbearable. But if you love hip hop, David Duchovny, driving in the dark, or Tea Leoni, you'll love this episode. Enjoy!
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Episode 26: Ed Mason of River Rock Brewing (Galt, CA) & Tricia and Tim Bowden

July 3, 2016

Host Ben Rice sits down with Ed Mason of River Rock Brewing (formerly the controversial Special Ed's Brewing), as well as Tricia and Tim Bowden, the parties who brought the name to media attention, to discuss the thought process behind the previous brewery name as well as its beer names and catchphrases (which include "Take the short bus to great beer" and "Back of the Bus Brown"). It gets a bit heated, but we eventually find common ground in discussing the importance of family, as well as who is and is not the best Beatle and which comedians are best. Plus we find out a lot about Galt celebrities (Levar Burton! Doug Martin! More!) and things to do in small town California. While we may not have reached an amicable agreement moving forward, we did find that even people from completely different world views can find some common ground. And I found out I should never record anywhere near a fan. Oops. Enjoy!
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Episode 25: Shaun O’Sullivan of 21st Amendment & Comedian/Marijuana Activist Ngaio Bealum

June 20, 2016

Host Ben Rice sits down with 21st Amendment's co-founder/head brewer Shaun O'Sullivan and comedian/pot activitist Ngaio Bealum, in episode 25 of Barley & Me. Recorded at 21st Amendment's new(ish) San Leandro location, we discuss the new location's previous history as a Kellogg's Pop Tart production facility, judging beer and weed, the slow and steady growth and expansion of 21st Amendment, plus first beer experiences and much, much more! Look for this episode on YouTube in the coming weeks, because we bothered to film it. So thanks to those debonair fellas for being themselves and making for some gorgeous video. As usual, host Ben Rice ruins everything. But it still turns out okay! Enjoy!
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Episode 24: Comedian Johnny Taylor and a Bucket O Hamm’s at Tank House BBQ

June 6, 2016

Host Ben Rice sits down with Sacramento comedian Johnny Taylor (Stand Up! Records) over a Bucket O' Hamm's at Sacramento's Tank House BBQ. We sit down to discuss Johnny's upcoming second live album recording (taking place at Harlow's on June 18). We discuss the art and business of stand-up, Ben poorly masks his disappointment in his own shortcomings, and we talk about family, moving, early drinking experiences, and much, much more. Plus we encounter the post-Happy Hour crowd and argue over whether dirty mac or dirty tots are better. Seriously, if you haven't gone to Tank House, do it.
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Episode 23: AJ Tendick of Bike Dog Brewing & Entrepreneur Clay Nutting

May 30, 2016

Host Ben Rice travels to Sacramento's Bike Dog Brewing to chat with co-founder/brewer AJ Tendick and entrepreneur/restauranteur/revitalizer Clay Nutting. It's not an understatement to say that Clay has played a major role in the re-branding and revitalization of midtown Sacramento, helping push change with the advent of live street music, the beloved German bier haus LowBrau, upscale Block Butcher Bar, and the yearly music festival TBD! And he'll sit down to talk (vaguely) about projects in the pipeline. And it's no secret that Bike Dog has taken the Sacramento beer scene by storm, pumping out celebrated, balanced, multi-faceted IPAs and the best damn stout in town. We'll talk about the trials and errors in starting and maintaining your own business, leading to one of my least-informed questions ever! Listen as we discuss Bike Dog's expansion plans, then juxtapose those against the general craft beer marketing and distribution trends. Chuckle silently to yourself as we consistently speak hypocritically about what craft breweries should do to combat the bigger brewers. We'll also talk beer family trees, local sports!, camping, bottle shares, accidental successes, and taking advantage of gaps in city event planning. That and so much more, and we even avoiding making any infantile comments about my guests' last names!, on episode 23 of Barley & Me!
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Episode 22: Scott Chaffee of Dust Bowl Brewing & Comedian Anthony K

May 16, 2016

Host Ben Rice travels to Turlock, California, with esteemed Modesto/Stockton area comedian Anthony K (short for Krayenhagen) to meet with Scott Chaffee of Turlock's Dust Bowl Brewing. In this rapid-fire, 200 WPM episode, we discuss the difference between beer snobs and beer nerds, beer festival etiquette, what a craft beer drinker is versus what a craft beer drinker is assumed to be, the history behind Dust Bowl's names and beer (it goes back through time and region), the present and future of beer, classic cars, comedy, and so so much more. I don't think it's possible to pack more into an episode than we did here. Plus, we talk about meeting a significant other's family, drinking challenges, and tacos tacos tacos! Let's Taco Bout It! Here on Barley & Me!
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And of course, be sure to stop into Dust Bowl, at either their original location or their newer, bigger, better location, coming soon!
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Episode 21: Stacy Collins of The Shop & Kyle Kaylor of B-Side

May 2, 2016

Host Ben Rice visits Stacy Collins, proprietor Elk Grove pilot nanobrewery The Shop, with guest Kyle Kaylor, manager at the hot new Sacramento vinyl bar B Side. We talk at length about music, homebrewing guilds, and what exactly a nanobrewery is. Plus what words people can't say once they're drunk, how to get a bartender's attention, and how to try new drinks properly. Enjoy a verbal walking tour of The Shop and find out how not to organize your vinyl collection. I think you'll love it. Indubitably.
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Episode 20: Glynn Phillips of Rubicon Brewing & Serious Talk Seriously’s Johnny Flores

April 18, 2016

Host Ben Rice sits down with Rubicon Brewing's owner Glynn Phillips and Sacramento podcasting legend Johnny Flores of Serious Talk Seriously about starting your dreams from scratch. We also discuss how Rubicon went from trend-setter to has-been and back again, the variety of ways beers can get their names or even their recipes, brewers' superstitions, the Sacramento art scene, re-building your brand, conversational craft, and so much more. If you ever wondered what the most killed-off dogs in cinema are, or why Death & Pestilence haven't caught on in the beer community at large or Jerry Garcia's influence outside the hippie and ice cream communities, check out Episode 20 of Barley & Me! Spoiler alert: The Beer Dies At The End!
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Ruhstaller/Hooks & Stone Outtakes

April 5, 2016

During the recording our our Ruhstaller episode, a wonderful old scamp named Tom popped in to see what we were up to. We gave him a mic and he regaled us with tales of hops and marijuana and world travelers and old wisdom. Meanwhile Anthony Van Hook can't get a word in edgewise. Then we discuss the importance of "laying [y]our balls on the table" when it comes to brewing.
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