Episode 34: California Craft Beer Summit, Part Two

October 6, 2016

Host Ben Rice once again sits down in the middle of a massive beer conference to talk to whoever sits down! In Part Two of Three of his adventures at the Craft Beer Summit. At 5:40, Ben sits down with Kevin Cox and Bert Aguilar of Fresno's Tioga-Sequoia Brewing, to discuss Kevin's long and winding career in the beer industry (over 25 years!), plus we touch on the arduous task of brewery management and moving from contract brewing to brewing for yourself. And we close out by talking about FresYES, their annual pro-Fresno party. Then, at 25:25, I chat with Kern River Brewing's owner Eric Giddens, Kern River Brewing's head brewer Adrian Barrera (formerly of Tioga-Sequoia, Track 7, and Prairie Artisan Ales), and Beers in Sac App's Josh Elder, to talk about starting a brewery in the middle of nowhere before the craft beer boom, linking up with breweries across Sacramento to cross-promote events, and, of course, beers even the experience beer drinker can't stomach. Then we close it out, starting at the 43:20 mark, with brewer Shane Aldrich from Oakland's Linden Street Brewery, along with Robert Bolch of John Fearless Co. and Shawn Zizzo of EZ Plan, an operations software program he designed. We'll talk about their strangely intertwined yet divided history with one another as Ben quickly collapses into delerium after 6 straight hours of setup, pandering, side conversations, hustling, interviews, explanations, preparations, and everything else gets the better of him. Plus we learn a lot about the surprising history of the names of all these companies. Even EZ Plan's name isn't as EZ as it seems. Enjoy!
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Tioga-Sequoia Brewing: www.tioga-sequoia.com
Beers In Sac: www.beersinsac.com / @beersinsac
Kern River Brewing: www.kernriverbrewing.com
Linden Street Brewery: www.lindenstreetbrewery.com
John Fearless Craft Hops & Provisions: www.johnfearless.com
EZ Plan: www.ezplan.co
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Episode 33: California Craft Beer Summit, Part One

October 3, 2016

Host Ben Rice sits down in the middle of a massive beer conference to talk to whoever sits down! In Part One of Three of his adventures at the Craft Beer Summit. At 5:25, Ben sits down with Kevin Rhodes of Groundswell Brewing in San Diego and Ty Stevenson of Carneros Brewing in Sonoma. With a combined 25.25 years of commercial brewing experience (Rhodes 25, Stevenson 0.25), they delve into the importance of water in our beers. Then, at 15:20, Elliot Hoffman of Camino Brewing in San Jose sits across from beer blogger Eric Gibson of Brew Hoppin' to delve into being a small-timer at a massive statewide beer conference and Camino's plans to move from contract brewing to full-time, self-focused brewing, expansion, and canning. After that, at 31:30, we have a Barley & Me first! No brewers! We'll chat with Joshua Cody of Colorado Malting Company and Daniel Hicks of TTB Tamer. Joshua's job seems self-explanatory, but he's one of the few who grows, harvests, germinates, kilns, AND distributes his own malted grains, while Daniel is the creator of TTB Tamer, a computer program that makes it easier for brewers to keep tabs on what taxes may be owed each day, week, month, and year, depending on their brewing and sales quantities. And then, at 48:25, our final interview of this portion contains beer heavyweights "Big Mike" Moore (beer judge, world traveler, food pairing expert, and friend of brewers everywhere) and Rob Fullmer, Executive Director of the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild. They'll get into their job duties before delving delicately into the positives, negatives, wishes, hopes, and fears of the growing trend of craft beer buy-outs, in particular that of Bosteels, makers of the popular Tripel Karmeliet. It's a lot to digest, so clear your calendar and dig in.
Visit our guests online!
California Craft Brewers Association: californiacraftbeer.com
Groundswell: groundswellbrew.com
Carneros: carnerosbrewing.com
Ty's Water Products: watersbrewer.com
Camino: caminobr.com
Brew Hoppin': brewhoppin.com
Colorado Malting Co.: coloradomaltingcompany.com
TTB Tamer: ttbtamer.com
Arizona Craft Brewers Guild: craftbeeraz.com
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Episode 32: Ryan & Jeff of Track 7 Brewing and Capitol Taproom’s Kenny Hotchkiss

September 17, 2016

Host Ben Rice stands up with Ryan and Jeff of Track 7 Brewing (Sacramento, CA) and Kenny Hotchkiss, owner of Capitol Taproom (Sacramento). We talk about Track 7's recent expansion, plus their brand new canning line. We also delve deeply into the history, past, present, and future, of the NE IPA Haze Craze while sipping on Track 7 Sukahop. Kenny tells us about his own expansion plans, as he prepares to open a second location closer to the new Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento. Naturally, we talk about what the new arena holds for the future of Sacramento, not just in the beer and food world, but for its population and its much-maligned transit system. But mostly! Haze! IPA! and the slow, creeping death of classic styles. And if that isn't enough to draw you in, late in the episode, Ryan spits out the worst/best pun I have ever heard. Enjoy!
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Episode 3.1: Crooked Lane & Nu Boonkham of Auburn Thai Garden (The Return)

September 5, 2016

Host Ben Rice returns for the grand opening of Crooked Lane Brewing in Auburn, CA, to catch up with his episode 3 guests, founders Paul Schilling, Kirt Braun, Adrian Psuty, and Teresa Psuty, along with Nu Boonkham of Auburn Thai Garden. When we first spoke with this crew, the building had recently been determined and they were, hopefully, a year away from opening. We sipped on some of their soon-to-be mainstays, made on a small garage kit, and talked of hopes and dreams. And now we're back to discuss the overwhelming reality of that vision, three years in the making. We discuss the trials and tribulations faced in the last year, gathering a local following, forming a work unit, the feeling of selling out a beer on opening night, plus women in the brewing industry (featuring a special guest appearance by bar manager Sierra Smith) and what the future holds after this strong open. Enjoy!
Also, don't forget to go to Crooked Lane's Beer Dump Party, featuring food, beer, and dunk tanks, as they dump an English brown not fit for human consumption. That will be Sunday, Sept. 11.
This episode is brought to you by the California Craft Beer Summit, taking place in Sacramento September 8 through 10. Find more information at califoriacraftbeer.com and buy tickets at eventbrite.com.
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Episode 30: Zack Frasher & Kyle Leddy of Moonraker Brewing & Comedian Becky Lynn

August 30, 2016

Host Ben Rice travels to Auburn, CA, to visit with Zack Frasher & Kyle Leddy of Moonraker Brewing, a fast-rising brewery in Auburn, CA. In tow this week is Ben's best gal, better half, and better comedian, Becky Lynn. We'll talk the haze craze, coffee porters, beer generations, and how chicken wings nearly derailed Ben & Becky's relationship. Plus a lot of talk about breweries and beers that are not Moonraker. Not to mention Ben's first foray into exhausted advertising. Enjoy!
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Episode 29: Sean & Andrew Mohsenzadegan of Flatland Brewing and Dave Ross of Specialized Exhaust & Automotive

August 16, 2016

Host Ben Rice travels to Flatland Brewing in Elk Grove, California, to talk to brothers-from-the-same-mother/brewers/owners Sean & Andrew Mohsenzadegan, along with special guest Dave Ross, manager of Elk Grove's Specialized Exhaust and Automotive. We talk brotherhood, cars, beer, and other specialities. The Mohsenzadegans get into their brewing history and creating a professional brewery from spare parts, plus we compare current beer fads to classic beer styles. Dave starts a discussion of his favorite cars and repairs, plus gives us an insane Internet history lesson. And if there are any entrepreneurs or Uber reps listening, this episode is chock-full of great business ideas none of us will use. Plus we get into the specialty meat game and discuss how we'd like our humans prepared. Barley & Me, available on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, and GooglePlay. Now with more cannibalism!
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Episode 28: Brian Palmer of Claimstake Brewing & Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts Founders Russell Kay and Steve Hayer

August 2, 2016

Host Ben Rice visits Claimstake Brewing in Rancho Cordova, to talk with owner/brewer Brian Palmer, as well as founders of the Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts Facebook Group, Russell Kay and Steve Hayer. If there's one thing this episode has, it's a bunch of wonderful people sauced to the gills talking things they love. If there's two things this episode has, it's that and layers (layers). We discuss the road from home brewer to micro brewer, as well as what is needed to start your own brewery, and the items you foresaw and couldn't have seen coming. Plus Brian announces some big things. Ben describes his first home brewing experience and never, ever lives it down. It's chock full of information, callbacks, name calling, parenting tips, and experimental beer style suggestions. I hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording. Enjoy!
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Episode 27: JJ Anderson of Black Vinyl Ale Project & Paul Burke, Owner of Blacktop Comedy

July 25, 2016

On Episode 27 of Barley & Me, host Ben Rice turns it up to 11 with JJ Anderson of Black Vinyl Ale Project (Rocklin, CA) and Paul Burke, owner of Blacktop Comedy (Rocklin, CA). Prepare for the three of them to wax philosophical about music, beer, comedy, business, and life, as they take trips down Memory Lane, only to find out everything has changed. Plus Paul teachs us about the different formats of improv comedy while JJ gives insight into obtaining hops when there's a hop crisis. Ben announces a new comedy show he's doing, which is impressive, but not as impressive as Black Vinyl's freshly-announced second location in Sacramento. It might get weird, and it totally gets weird, as we pinpoint our own little quirks that make us borderline unbearable. But if you love hip hop, David Duchovny, driving in the dark, or Tea Leoni, you'll love this episode. Enjoy!
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Episode 26: Ed Mason of River Rock Brewing (Galt, CA) & Tricia and Tim Bowden

July 3, 2016

Host Ben Rice sits down with Ed Mason of River Rock Brewing (formerly the controversial Special Ed's Brewing), as well as Tricia and Tim Bowden, the parties who brought the name to media attention, to discuss the thought process behind the previous brewery name as well as its beer names and catchphrases (which include "Take the short bus to great beer" and "Back of the Bus Brown"). It gets a bit heated, but we eventually find common ground in discussing the importance of family, as well as who is and is not the best Beatle and which comedians are best. Plus we find out a lot about Galt celebrities (Levar Burton! Doug Martin! More!) and things to do in small town California. While we may not have reached an amicable agreement moving forward, we did find that even people from completely different world views can find some common ground. And I found out I should never record anywhere near a fan. Oops. Enjoy!
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Episode 25: Shaun O’Sullivan of 21st Amendment & Comedian/Marijuana Activist Ngaio Bealum

June 20, 2016

Host Ben Rice sits down with 21st Amendment's co-founder/head brewer Shaun O'Sullivan and comedian/pot activitist Ngaio Bealum, in episode 25 of Barley & Me. Recorded at 21st Amendment's new(ish) San Leandro location, we discuss the new location's previous history as a Kellogg's Pop Tart production facility, judging beer and weed, the slow and steady growth and expansion of 21st Amendment, plus first beer experiences and much, much more! Look for this episode on YouTube in the coming weeks, because we bothered to film it. So thanks to those debonair fellas for being themselves and making for some gorgeous video. As usual, host Ben Rice ruins everything. But it still turns out okay! Enjoy!
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