Episode 53: California Craft Beer Summit 2017

September 20, 2017

Host Ben Rice travels to the 2017 California Craft Beer Summit to suss out interviews from attendees. In this episode, there are 5 separate interview segments. In segment 1, he speaks with Naiche Minor & John Hutchings from Fall River Brewing and Kyle Leddy from New Glory Brewing about their recent collaboration and their review of the first day on the expo floor for the summit, as well as the Fall River airplane. In segment 2, Ben sits down with Pat Fahey, the content director for the Cicerone Certification Program, and master cicerone & beer educator Nicole Erny, to discuss what a cicerone is, the differences between cicerone levels, and how to get into it, plus Nicole lets you know what classes she will be teaching in the coming months and how to register. In segment 3, Ben chats with Adam Hunt & Brian Vermont of Solano Brewing Company and ABM Equipment's John Hilgendorf, and they discuss starting a brewery from the owner's perspective, as well as that of a brewery designer, plus we get a sneak peek at one of Solano's first beers. In segment 4, Ben pontificates with Kevin Hopkins, the vice president of Mother Earth Brewing, and Everard Strong, the publisher of the upcoming Bay Area quarterly ABV Magazine about the combination of beer and music, as well as what led Mother Earth to make a cream ale their flagship when IPAs were at their peak. And in the fifth and final segment, Ben gets a rare one-on-one with The Brewing Network's beloved personality Tasty McDole to talk about his history with beer, his favorite beers, and, of course, his new collaboration with 21st Amendment, Tasty IPA.

Before I forget, I will be participating in an all-male bikini car wash to raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey Saturday, September 23, from noon to 5 at Deja Vu Showgirls, located at 11252 Trade Center Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA. Come get your car cleaned and help those in need. Barf bags not available on site.

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Episode 52: Brewery Closings & Sales w/ Dan Scott, Capital Beer & Taproom’s Peter Halldorf, and YOLO Brewing’s David Weiss

August 27, 2017

Host Ben Rice sits down with beer know-it-all Dan Scott, Capital Beer and Taproom's Peter Halldorf, and YOLO Brewing's David Weiss to discuss the recent closings of Rubicon and American River Brewing Companies, plus tell their favorite stories about experiences with these breweries. We touch a little bit on causation, but this episode is about celebrating the time they were with us and our hopes for the future, should a buyer come about. Plus Ben talks about how much of an asshole he used to be and why a famous comedian blocked him on Twitter. Listen to the end for a (possibly inaccurate) tip about some upcoming beer bars, as well!

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Episode 51: Dan Watson of Cleophus Quealy & Comedian Chad Opitz

August 9, 2017

Host Ben Rice travels to San Leandro to speak with Cleophus Quealy's owner/brewer Dan Watson, along with Bay Area comedian Chad Opitz. The man with the best beer joke in the biz talks about getting his start in high school drama, moving into the thrilling world of odd-ball music in Seattle, then taking up stand-up in the weirdo town of Santa Cruz, while Dan talks about his early love of European beers that led him to start up a small brewery in California, with a concentration on flavors pulled from fruits and yeasts, nearly bypassing the hop craze. We dive into conversations about misspelled names, misread names, and how every brewery name is stupid. Plus beers, beards, more beers, and more beards! on another riveting episode of Barley & Me! Enjoy!

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Episode 50: Rodger Davis of Faction Brewing & Comedian DJ Sandhu

July 21, 2017

Host Ben Rice travels to Alameda, CA, to sip on suds and take in the gorgeous scenery of Faction Brewing, along with their owner/head brewer Rodger Davis and special guest, comedian DJ Sandhu. We talk about the trials of surviving in the Bay Area given the tech boom, start-up brewery costs, the band Tool, how The Grateful Dead got Rodger into brewing, and Ales for ALS, which is taking place at Faction Brewing on Saturday, July 22, 2017.

This episode was also filmed and is available to view on YouTube at https://youtu.be/t8DIAsL0vog

Thank you to Rodger and DJ for taking part and to Brandon Morgan (of Shitty Food Blog) for filming. Thanks as always to Breez for the intro music. The track is called "JamRoc." Artwork is by Jessica DiMesio. And thank YOU for listening.

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Episode 49: Nu Boonkham, Scott Williams & Corey Meyer of Moksa Brewing and Rebecca Steele-Wilkie of Cuvee Marketing

July 18, 2017

On this episode of Barley & Me, host Ben Rice visits upcoming Rocklin, CA, brewery Moksa Brewing and speaks with owners Nu Boonkham and Scott Williams, as well as head brewer Corey Meyer (previously of New Glory Brewing) and also with special guest Rebecca Steele-Wilkie, owner of Cuvee Marketing and creator of the Instagram account Art of the Jockey Box, to talk about the expectations for Moksa, the surprising difficulties in opening a brewery at a location where another brewery used to exist, barrel aging, and marketing. We look forward to seeing what Moksa has in store when they open later in 2017. Be sure to check out Art of the Jockey Box on Instagram and visit www.cuveemarketing.com for all your beer and wine marketing needs.

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Episode 48: Jim & Simon of Ol’ Republic Brewing (Nevada City, CA) and Beer Judge “Big Mike” Moore

July 3, 2017

Host Ben Rice travels to Nevada City with guest and renowned beer judge "Big Mike" Moore to talk shop with Jim & Simon of Ol' Republic Brewing. Ol' Republic specializes in European style ales and lagers. We talk about their early years, as they grew their brand in a world dominated by hop-heavy beer. Plus they let us know how they came up with the name for their award-winning Dortmunder Export Lager, "Dead Canary." Jim & Simon regale us for over an hour with successes both anticipated and unforeseen as they attempt to get a foothold into the California beer scene while brewing beers that are not typically made by smaller breweries. Ever wondered how beer prices are determined or what challenges beer judges face? You'll find out! Plus they'll drop a surprise announcement at the end, something that I am very excited about. Enjoy!

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Episode 47: A Little Sumpin Sumpin to Talk About (w/ Andy Armstrong of American River Brewing, Kyle Leddy of Moonraker Brewing, and Chris Guthrie of Sacramento Beer Group)

June 2, 2017

On episode 47, host Ben Rice visits an undisclosed location to talk about the state of the beer union. With him are Andy Armstrong of American River Brewing, his wife Lea, Kyle Leddy of Moonraker Brewing, his wife Claire, his daughter Olive, and Sacramento Beer Group founder Chris Guthrie. We talk about the Lagunitas and Wicked Weed buyouts, AB InBev's purchase of the entirety of the South African hop crop, and the future of the beleaguered 12 Rounds Brewing in Sacramento. PLUS Ben sings some metal, Kyle puts on a snazzy child's jacket, Chris does his best Olive impersonations, muchos chugs, and more!

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Episode 46: Tom Fuquay of Fort Rock Brewing & Joyce Tayag of Tommy T’s Comedy Club

May 11, 2017

Host Ben Rice travels to Rancho Cordova, CA, to visit its newest brewery, Fort Rock Brewing, to chat with owner/head brewer Tom Fuquay and special guest Joyce Tayag of Tommy T's Comedy Club (located in the same building, what a tie in!). We'll discuss the trials and tribulations of an upstart brewery with no commercial brewing experience, plus the resurrection of Tommy T's. Listen up as we talk beer history, as well as what beer really is, when you break it down in scientific terms (the answer...may surprise you). And for any listeners out there who have not yet dabbled in homebrewing or have tried unsuccessfully, Tom gives his tips and tricks to better homebrewing. And of course, Ben can't help but try to get Joyce to convince Tommy T's ownership to start carrying some Fort Rock brews. All this and more, on episode 46 of Barley & Me. Enjoy!

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Episode 45: John Gillooly of Drake’s Brewing & Comedian Jason Cole

April 13, 2017

We're back! Episode 45 finds host Ben Rice at Drake's Brewing in San Leandro, chatting with comedian Jason Cole and head brewer John Gillooly. This episode is a dream, as we spin off on frenzied tangents for nearly two hours, imparting opinions, stories, history lessons, and a metric ton of brewing facts and tips. Plus we talk about Drake's recent expansion into Oakland and their upcoming expansion into Sacramento. To quote a review of Drake's food selections, "it's better than it needs to be." So grab a Jolly Rodger and relish in the tales spun, from copyright and trademarking shenanigans, including some rad Star Trek cease and desist letters; to malt liquor history and tips n tricks; to Jimmy Carter. Hell, there's even some fine and dandy Star Wars talk for those who listen to the very end. It's one hell of a good time. Enjoy!

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Episode 44: Sactown Union’s “State of the Union” Address

March 4, 2017

Sactown Union's Quinn Gardner leads a panel discussion on Opening Night of Sacramento Beer Week 2017. featuring a panel of some of the greatest pioneers of the Northern California beer scene. Listen, as Dr. Charlie Bamforth (UC Davis), Barbara Groom (Lost Coast Brewery), Judy Ashworth (Lyons Brewery Depot), Shaun O'Sullivan (21st Amendment Brewing), John Martin (Triple Rock, Drake's Brewing), and Michael Barker (Sactown Union) discuss what craft brewing is (and isn't), what role craft beer plays in the community, and just how far we've come in the last decade and where beer is going next. And all completely unedited. I'd like to thank Quinn for inviting me to record this event for posterity. Please enjoy not technically an episode of Barley & Me!