Episode 60: Brennan of Dunloe Brewing (Davis, CA) and Dr. Charlie Bamforth

January 16, 2018

For the first episode of 2018, host Ben Rice travels to Davis, CA, to sit down with Brennan Fleming (Dunloe??) of Dunloe Brewing and the esteemed Dr. Charlie Bamforth for a Barley & Me first! A professor and pupil sit down to see just how much the student has learned and discuss how far beer has come in the last 40 years. Dr. Bamforth holds forth on what happened to the British beer business under Margaret Thatcher and the ramifications that could befall American beer. Plus we talk about how beer has changed in the last few years and how taste and industry standards evolve. Brennan shares some beer memories and the joys of small business onwnership and Dr. Bamforth drops his first-ever on-air cuss. It's another action-packed episode of Barley & Me. Enjoy!

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Episode 59: White Christmas Battle of Wits (W/ Lea Gibson, Andy Armstrong, Emma Haney, Garrett Boatman, and Stephen Furey)

December 28, 2017

For the last episode of 2017, host Ben Rice invites some of his favorite people over for a riveting BATTLE OF WITS! Comedians Emma Haney and Stephen Furey return, having appeared on last year's Christmas Bottle Share episode AND the 40s episode, Garrett Boatman of that same previous Christmas episode also appears, plus Andy Armstrong (formerly of American River Brewing) and his wife Lea Gibson (both of whom you may recognize from the Lil Sumpin Sumpin to Talk About episode) as well! We break down 13 wits, whites, and weisses while discussing the year 2017 and relentlessly smack-talking each other as host Ben Rice gets progressively drunker and seemingly no one else does. For those who like to spoil Christmas, here are the final rankings of the white ales we tasted: 13) Einstok Icelandic White Ale 12) Hoegaarden 11) Blue Moon 10) Lost Coast Great White 9) Franziskaner Weissbier 8) Erdinger Weissbier 7) Allagash White 6) Moylan's White Christmas Spiced Winter Ale 5) Urban Roots/Alvarado Street Hoeygaarden 4) St. Archer White 3) Bruery 7 Lords a-Leapin 2) Monk's Cellar Biere Blanche 1) Hacker Pschorr Weiss

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Episode 58: Scott Ungermann of Anchor Brewing

December 11, 2017

Host Ben Rice travels to San Francisco to sit down with Anchor Brewing's brewmaster, Scott Ungermann, about Anchor's lauded history and the lovely Our Special Ale, AKA Anchor Christmas. We also get into Sapporo's recent purchase of Anchor, Scott's unique intersectional history with Anchor Brewing, and whether or not the buyout affects Anchor's "craft beer" status. The answer may surprise you. Also, we chat about how Anchor's brewing methods stand out against the typical methods you see at breweries today, Scott's favorite winter activities. and get a tad profound. Enjoy!

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Episode 57: David Weiss of Yolo Brewing & Comedian/Musician Alfonso Portela

December 4, 2017

Host Ben Rice travels to Yolo Brewing (West Sacramento) to chat with director of brewing operations David Weiss. His guest this week is comedian and musician Alfonso Portela. We discuss Yolo ownership's previous endeavors, coffee, death, and drums. Alfonso learns about the brewing process and David talks about what he's excited about in the Sacramento beer scene. All this and more, on Episode 57 of Barley & Me!

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Episode 56: Danksgiving at Nixtaco (w/ owner Patricio Wise and guests Zak Souza & Ismael Alarcon)

November 25, 2017

Host Ben Rice travels to Nixtaco Taqueria in Roseville, CA, to host Danksgiving with Nixtaco owner Patricio Wise and special guests Zak Souza and Ismael Alarcon. While sipping on some IPA's, we discuss labor laws that leave your favorite restaurants closed on Mondays, what makes a good and bad dank IPA, the importance of good labeling and logos in beer, how to properly fry a turkey, why Patricio is the Lord of Rice, and what we're dankful for in the year 2017. Enjoy!

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Episode 55: Daniel Weber and Wes Deal of Barrel Brothers Brewing & Barrel Proof Comedy Podcast’s Steve Ausburne

November 6, 2017

Host Ben Rice travels to Windsor, CA with guest Steve Ausburne of Barrel Proof Comedy Podcast to sit down with Daniel Weber and Wes Deal of Barrel Brothers Brewing Company to discuss their first year in business and their plans to expansion. We take a few sidebars down some unsavory paths before coming out clean on the other side, thanks to some double-filtered, two-ply assistants. Then we get into their bottling and canning side, how to properly and improperly barrel a beer, and what goes into naming beers in an increasingly competitive and creative beer community. All this and more, on Episode 55 of Barley & Me!

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Episode 54: Derrick Prasad and Jonathan Martinez of Tilted Mash Brewing & Comedian Keith Lowell Jensen

October 23, 2017

Host Ben Rice visits the new Tilted Mash Brewing location to sit down with owners Derrick Prasad and Jonathan Martinez, along with guest Keith Lowell Jensen, to talk coffee and Tilted Mash's recent relocation. Things go sideways, as Ben chose to record during their twice-monthly comedy show Tilted Mashterpiece Theatre, as every comic on the bill (Shahera Hyatt, Diego Curiel, and Christy Farley) pops on the mic, as do Kyle and Kady, the beertenders. Keith has his first alcoholic beverage in years, Ben tells drunk stories, and Jonathan becomes the second guest to admit to trying to steal a statue. This one goes off the rails and back again. Enjoy!

And don't forget to find Keith's albums on Stand Up! Records (www.standuprecords.com) or pre-order Keith's first collection of essays, "Punching Nazis and Other Good Ideas" from Amazon.

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Episode 53: California Craft Beer Summit 2017

September 20, 2017

Host Ben Rice travels to the 2017 California Craft Beer Summit to suss out interviews from attendees. In this episode, there are 5 separate interview segments. In segment 1, he speaks with Naiche Minor & John Hutchings from Fall River Brewing and Kyle Leddy from New Glory Brewing about their recent collaboration and their review of the first day on the expo floor for the summit, as well as the Fall River airplane. In segment 2, Ben sits down with Pat Fahey, the content director for the Cicerone Certification Program, and master cicerone & beer educator Nicole Erny, to discuss what a cicerone is, the differences between cicerone levels, and how to get into it, plus Nicole lets you know what classes she will be teaching in the coming months and how to register. In segment 3, Ben chats with Adam Hunt & Brian Vermont of Solano Brewing Company and ABM Equipment's John Hilgendorf, and they discuss starting a brewery from the owner's perspective, as well as that of a brewery designer, plus we get a sneak peek at one of Solano's first beers. In segment 4, Ben pontificates with Kevin Hopkins, the vice president of Mother Earth Brewing, and Everard Strong, the publisher of the upcoming Bay Area quarterly ABV Magazine about the combination of beer and music, as well as what led Mother Earth to make a cream ale their flagship when IPAs were at their peak. And in the fifth and final segment, Ben gets a rare one-on-one with The Brewing Network's beloved personality Tasty McDole to talk about his history with beer, his favorite beers, and, of course, his new collaboration with 21st Amendment, Tasty IPA.

Before I forget, I will be participating in an all-male bikini car wash to raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey Saturday, September 23, from noon to 5 at Deja Vu Showgirls, located at 11252 Trade Center Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA. Come get your car cleaned and help those in need. Barf bags not available on site.

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Episode 52: Brewery Closings & Sales w/ Dan Scott, Capital Beer & Taproom’s Peter Halldorf, and YOLO Brewing’s David Weiss

August 27, 2017

Host Ben Rice sits down with beer know-it-all Dan Scott, Capital Beer and Taproom's Peter Halldorf, and YOLO Brewing's David Weiss to discuss the recent closings of Rubicon and American River Brewing Companies, plus tell their favorite stories about experiences with these breweries. We touch a little bit on causation, but this episode is about celebrating the time they were with us and our hopes for the future, should a buyer come about. Plus Ben talks about how much of an asshole he used to be and why a famous comedian blocked him on Twitter. Listen to the end for a (possibly inaccurate) tip about some upcoming beer bars, as well!

Thanks for listening.

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Episode 51: Dan Watson of Cleophus Quealy & Comedian Chad Opitz

August 9, 2017

Host Ben Rice travels to San Leandro to speak with Cleophus Quealy's owner/brewer Dan Watson, along with Bay Area comedian Chad Opitz. The man with the best beer joke in the biz talks about getting his start in high school drama, moving into the thrilling world of odd-ball music in Seattle, then taking up stand-up in the weirdo town of Santa Cruz, while Dan talks about his early love of European beers that led him to start up a small brewery in California, with a concentration on flavors pulled from fruits and yeasts, nearly bypassing the hop craze. We dive into conversations about misspelled names, misread names, and how every brewery name is stupid. Plus beers, beards, more beers, and more beards! on another riveting episode of Barley & Me! Enjoy!

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