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Episode 95: Mike Mraz & Lauren Zehnder of Mraz Brewing Company and Beer Judge Melissa McCann

March 4, 2019

Host Ben Rice travels to El Dorado Hills to talk to Mike Mraz and Lauren Zehnder of Mraz Brewing Company, with guest Melissa McCann, a nationally recognized beer judge, to talk about Mraz's upcoming 6th anniversary (taking place Saturday, March 9, 2019). We dive into Mike's award-winning homebrews, and how that led him to opening his award-winning brewery. We figure out why he chose El Dorado Hills of all places, and sort out sour beers, sports bike racing, and saving space in a brewery and taproom. Plus! How trendy beer affects beer judging, breweries we all look up to, and some European vacation recommendations from people who haven't actually been to the places they're recommending. All this and more, on episode 95 of Barley & Me. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out Mraz at their 6th anniversary party and also on social media @mrazbrewingco (Instagram) and @mrazbrewingcompany (Twitter) or at their website, Also, Lauren misspoke during the end: their All Sour Day will be Saturday, April 27, not April 26.

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