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Episode 94: Bill Shufelt of Athletic Brewing & Danny and Katrina Le Sage of NA Beer Aficionados

February 18, 2019

Host Ben Rice travels to NA Beer Aficionados headquarters in Carmichael, CA, to conduct his first phone interview ever, with Bill Shufelt, founder of Athletic Brewing, the first NA brewery and taprooms in America, and NA Beer Aficionados founders Danny & Katrina Le Sage. We talk about fighting the stigma of NA in the beer world, designing recipes that can appeal to craft enthusiasts and people looking for a non-alcoholic beverage alike, and some surprising statistics about who's entering the NA world, as well as the do's, don't's, can't's, and musts of NA. Plus! Athletic's ability to defeat blind taste tests, festival goers, and brewing competitions alike. Danny & Katrina talk about their formation of the Facebook group NA Beer Aficionados, why it was done and how response has been, as well as discuss their letter-writing campaign to get more craft brewers to release NA options. It's an enlighting and enjoyable conversation that crackles with electricity! Enjoy!

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