Barley & Me

Episode 48: Jim & Simon of Ol’ Republic Brewing (Nevada City, CA) and Beer Judge “Big Mike” Moore

July 3, 2017

Host Ben Rice travels to Nevada City with guest and renowned beer judge "Big Mike" Moore to talk shop with Jim & Simon of Ol' Republic Brewing. Ol' Republic specializes in European style ales and lagers. We talk about their early years, as they grew their brand in a world dominated by hop-heavy beer. Plus they let us know how they came up with the name for their award-winning Dortmunder Export Lager, "Dead Canary." Jim & Simon regale us for over an hour with successes both anticipated and unforeseen as they attempt to get a foothold into the California beer scene while brewing beers that are not typically made by smaller breweries. Ever wondered how beer prices are determined or what challenges beer judges face? You'll find out! Plus they'll drop a surprise announcement at the end, something that I am very excited about. Enjoy!

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Also, congratulations to "BarLeddy & Me" co-host Kyle Leddy on becoming the new head brewer at New Glory Brewing.

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