Barley & Me

Episode 43: The Art of Beer Invitational, 2017

February 7, 2017

Host Ben Rice makes his second appearance at the Art of Beer Invitational. This will be either episode 43 of Barley & Me or Episode 1 of BarLeddy & Me, as Moonraker's Kyle Leddy takes over co-hosting duties midway through. Join us as we chat with Serious Talk Seriously's Johnny Flores (with Kyle and his wife Claire acting as co-guests!), then we speak with Elisia Gonzales and Delayna Fitzgerald of Eat Farm To Fork, before creating an impromptu beer roundtable with Kyle and Claire (again!), Jeff Broaddus of Karl Strauss, and Casey Carhart of Deschutes. Then we'll close out with some sage words from a few Art of Beer patrons. Plus Becky Lynn sneaks in some words of her own. We have an incredibly deep conversation about the recent brewery buy-outs, plus distribution talk, and we try to remember all the Wayans Brothers. Plus so much more! On Episode 1 of BarLeddy and Me. Enjoy!

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I forgot to give a shout-out to Sol Collective, for whom funds were being raised, so please donate if you can. They are doing wonderful things for art and art education.

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Thank you so much to all of my guests. If you haven't had their beers yet, how is that even possible?