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Episode 42: Jennifer Land Irwin (Art of Beer) & Kate Whelan (Sacramento Beer Week) at Hideaway Bar & Grill

January 24, 2017

Host Ben Rice sits down with event directors Jennifer Land Irwin (Art of Beer, January 27) and Kate Whelan (Sacramento Beer Week, March 2-March 12) to discuss the ins and outs of planning major beer events, while sipping on Christmas ales at Sacramento's Hideaway Bar & Grill, a lovely dive bar on Franklin Blvd. We get into the nitty gritty of event planning, the triumphs and tribulations, plus the differences in a one-night only event at one location versus a week-and-a-half long excursion at dozens of venues. We'll also chat about the Women's March, Stranger Things, classic and new musicals, and how to add an exciting game show element to up the ante at beer events. Plus Gilmore Girls! And politics. Also, Kate's beer group, Hop Broads, and their Beer Week beer design. And everything under the sun, until we get forced to shut up because of inclement weather because I chose to record this outside. Thank you to Hideaway's owner Mariah York-Carr for giving us the space to do this. Enjoy!

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