Barley & Me

Episode 39: Non-Alcoholic Beers at Sacramento’s THE SHACK with Comedians Melissa McGillicuddy, Robert Omoto, and Kim Martel

December 13, 2016

Host Ben Rice vists East Sacramento sandwich shop The Shack with comedians Melissa McGillicuddy, Robert Omoto, and Kim Martel to discuss the art, taste, and reasons behind several non-alcoholic beers. We break down their (lack of) flavor and aroma, plus hypothesize why people would imbibe these concoctions in the first place. Plus! Melissa's diet secrets, Kim's discovery of a medical shortcut to dieting, and why certain regions of America don't have access to mangos. And if that wasn't enough, we discover what makes something "artisan" and that even cats love horoscopes. All of this and so much more, on Episode 39 of Barley & Me. Enjoy!

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