Barley & Me

Episode 38: Cathy & Michael Johnson of GoatHouse Brewing and John Marcotte (Heroic Girls, more)

November 20, 2016

Host Ben Rice sits down with Cathy Johnson (owner) and Michael Johnson (brewer) of Lincoln, CA, based nano-brewery, GoatHouse Brewing, along with guest John Marcotte (Heroic Girls, The Cookie Project, #MoreThanCute, and much much more) to get political, philosphical, nerdy, funny, weird, and informative. As John sips on a honey blonde and Ben quaffs a delectable Dark Side stout, we touch on myriad topics beer-adjacent: farming, education, sustainability, community outreach, regulations and restrictions... So many things! Plus John tells us about many of the small things he's done to help the community, as well as his biggest project to date, Heroic Girls, which takes "princess culture" head on. So if you love information, hate pumpkin beers, and wanted to know how a nano-brewery that is located at the owner's house can possibly expand, check out Episode 38 of Barley & Me. It's so good.

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