Barley & Me

Episode 36: Derrick Prasad & Jonathan Martinez of Tilted Mash and Shane Dakan & Autumn Sky-Hall of Backyard Brews & Reviews

October 25, 2016

Host Ben Rice travels to Elk Grove, CA, to visit with Derrick Prasad and Jonathan Martinez of Tilted Mash Brewing, along with Shane Dakan and Autumn Sky-Hall of Backyard Brews and Reviews, a beer and music videocast available on YouTube. We talk Shane and Autumn's love of music and their dabbling in the craft brew world. We also discuss Jonathan's official position as the Pimp Of Foam and all that that entails. Plus: How Tilted Mash's beers get their name - is it name first, beer second, or the other way around? The answer MIGHT SURPRISE YOU. Plus Ben forgets his charger, resulting in the episode being cut short and yet another garbage foray into the post-recording outro business. I apologize for all the sound issues. They shouldn't keep happening in future episodes. And of course, look for Tilted Mash's new triple IPA the AS3ASSIN, coming soon to the brewery near you! And that brewery's new location, also coming soon. Thanks for listening.