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Episode 33: California Craft Beer Summit, Part One

October 3, 2016

Host Ben Rice sits down in the middle of a massive beer conference to talk to whoever sits down! In Part One of Three of his adventures at the Craft Beer Summit. At 5:25, Ben sits down with Kevin Rhodes of Groundswell Brewing in San Diego and Ty Stevenson of Carneros Brewing in Sonoma. With a combined 25.25 years of commercial brewing experience (Rhodes 25, Stevenson 0.25), they delve into the importance of water in our beers. Then, at 15:20, Elliot Hoffman of Camino Brewing in San Jose sits across from beer blogger Eric Gibson of Brew Hoppin' to delve into being a small-timer at a massive statewide beer conference and Camino's plans to move from contract brewing to full-time, self-focused brewing, expansion, and canning. After that, at 31:30, we have a Barley & Me first! No brewers! We'll chat with Joshua Cody of Colorado Malting Company and Daniel Hicks of TTB Tamer. Joshua's job seems self-explanatory, but he's one of the few who grows, harvests, germinates, kilns, AND distributes his own malted grains, while Daniel is the creator of TTB Tamer, a computer program that makes it easier for brewers to keep tabs on what taxes may be owed each day, week, month, and year, depending on their brewing and sales quantities. And then, at 48:25, our final interview of this portion contains beer heavyweights "Big Mike" Moore (beer judge, world traveler, food pairing expert, and friend of brewers everywhere) and Rob Fullmer, Executive Director of the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild. They'll get into their job duties before delving delicately into the positives, negatives, wishes, hopes, and fears of the growing trend of craft beer buy-outs, in particular that of Bosteels, makers of the popular Tripel Karmeliet. It's a lot to digest, so clear your calendar and dig in.
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