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Episode 3.1: Crooked Lane & Nu Boonkham of Auburn Thai Garden (The Return)

September 5, 2016

Host Ben Rice returns for the grand opening of Crooked Lane Brewing in Auburn, CA, to catch up with his episode 3 guests, founders Paul Schilling, Kirt Braun, Adrian Psuty, and Teresa Psuty, along with Nu Boonkham of Auburn Thai Garden. When we first spoke with this crew, the building had recently been determined and they were, hopefully, a year away from opening. We sipped on some of their soon-to-be mainstays, made on a small garage kit, and talked of hopes and dreams. And now we're back to discuss the overwhelming reality of that vision, three years in the making. We discuss the trials and tribulations faced in the last year, gathering a local following, forming a work unit, the feeling of selling out a beer on opening night, plus women in the brewing industry (featuring a special guest appearance by bar manager Sierra Smith) and what the future holds after this strong open. Enjoy!
Also, don't forget to go to Crooked Lane's Beer Dump Party, featuring food, beer, and dunk tanks, as they dump an English brown not fit for human consumption. That will be Sunday, Sept. 11.
This episode is brought to you by the California Craft Beer Summit, taking place in Sacramento September 8 through 10. Find more information at and buy tickets at
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