Barley & Me

Episode 3: Crooked Lane Brewing w/ Nu Boonkham

August 15, 2015

On Episode 3 of Barley and Me, host Ben Rice sits down with Adrian, Teresa, Paul, and Kirt of Auburn's Crooked Lane Brewing, to discuss their upcoming opening and the work they've put in to ensure their success in business and in their transition from home brewing to macro brewing. With us is Nu Boonkham, owner and chef at the award-winning Auburn Thai Garden.Nu is a renowned beer connoisseur and his knowledge and insight helps to make this a truly wonderful episode. We'll talk about locally-sourced ingredients, creating balance, and how to get delicious bacon into a beer without all the perils that come with introducing fat! Plus Paul talks about his old-school drinking glove. Classy! Give it a listen!
Intro: "JamRoc" by Breez (
Illustration by Jessica DiMesio

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