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Episode 26: Ed Mason of River Rock Brewing (Galt, CA) & Tricia and Tim Bowden

July 3, 2016

Host Ben Rice sits down with Ed Mason of River Rock Brewing (formerly the controversial Special Ed's Brewing), as well as Tricia and Tim Bowden, the parties who brought the name to media attention, to discuss the thought process behind the previous brewery name as well as its beer names and catchphrases (which include "Take the short bus to great beer" and "Back of the Bus Brown"). It gets a bit heated, but we eventually find common ground in discussing the importance of family, as well as who is and is not the best Beatle and which comedians are best. Plus we find out a lot about Galt celebrities (Levar Burton! Doug Martin! More!) and things to do in small town California. While we may not have reached an amicable agreement moving forward, we did find that even people from completely different world views can find some common ground. And I found out I should never record anywhere near a fan. Oops. Enjoy!
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