Barley & Me

Episode 25: Shaun O’Sullivan of 21st Amendment & Comedian/Marijuana Activist Ngaio Bealum

June 20, 2016

Host Ben Rice sits down with 21st Amendment's co-founder/head brewer Shaun O'Sullivan and comedian/pot activitist Ngaio Bealum, in episode 25 of Barley & Me. Recorded at 21st Amendment's new(ish) San Leandro location, we discuss the new location's previous history as a Kellogg's Pop Tart production facility, judging beer and weed, the slow and steady growth and expansion of 21st Amendment, plus first beer experiences and much, much more! Look for this episode on YouTube in the coming weeks, because we bothered to film it. So thanks to those debonair fellas for being themselves and making for some gorgeous video. As usual, host Ben Rice ruins everything. But it still turns out okay! Enjoy!
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