Barley & Me

Episode 123: COVID-19′S Impact on the Beer Industry, with Sacramento Beer Frontier’s Aaron O’Callaghan

March 23, 2020

Host Ben Rice practices social distancing by ringing up Sacramento Beer Frontier's Aaron O'Callaghan to discuss the Coronavirus/COVID-19 and its potential effects on the beer industry and the world. With no medical background and no skin in the beer game, Ben & Aaron can talk freely about this topic. But for proper perspective, Ben created an anonymous industry survey, which gathered responses from brewers, owners, sales reps, taproom managers, hop growers, maltsters, and media relations members in the industry. We try to keep the Barley & Me charm and improvisational interview style as well, so this may be a long episode but hopefully it's an easy listen. All this and a shocking amount more, on episode 123 of Barley & Me. Enjoy!

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Do you have a story about racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia in the beer industry? You can submit your story anonymously, to be read on a future episode of Barley & Me at

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