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Episode 122: Charlie Barrett of Secret Trail Brewing & Surrogate’s MIchael Lee & Daniel Martin

March 16, 2020

Host Ben Rice travels to Chico, CA, to talk to the town's second-ever brewery, Secret Trail Brewing, and owner/brewer Charlie Barrett, as well as Chico's indie-pop darlings Surrogate (represented by guitarist Michael Lee and keyboardist Daniel Martin). We talk consumption, creativity, and a change to the digital/internet era, as well as pesky ABC regulations, marketing tactics, and how to retain your individuality in a market that has certain expectations. Plus! Expansion! Singles on tape! Knowing you might fail but at least you tried! And the challenges of live performance, especially in Sacramento, CA. But it's not all doom and gloom! We also talk about Surrogate's upcoming appearance at The Maltese's 10th anniversary show (May 30th) and Secret Trail's SpringFest on May 9! Enjoy!

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