Barley & Me

Ep10: 40s at Brew Ferment Distill (BFD)

November 22, 2015

On this episode of Barley & Me, host Ben Rice stops in to Sacramento homebrew store Brew Ferment Distill (BFD) with an arm-load of 40s. It's malt liquor madness, as he, owner Tim, and comedians Emma Haney, Stephen Furey, and Dorian Foster do more than keep it 100, they keep it 800. Olde English 800, that is. While choking down some Steel Reserve, Haney ruminates her love of Budweiser. Furey enjoys a Mickey's but hates everyone else's choices, culminating in an unfavorable comparison to a national tragedy. Foster bemoans his podcast history and has his Foster's stolen by Tim. That and an incredible amount more, on this episode of Barley & Me! It's gonna get weird. Intro music is "JamRoc" by Breez. Artwork by Jessica DiMesio
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