Episode Zero: Equipment Test w/ Comedian Dorian Foster

February 22, 2017

Host Ben Rice sits down with comedian Dorian Foster to test out his sound equipment, nearly 6 months before recording the first ever episode of a beer podcast that would come to be known as Barley & Me. Never intended for release, we bring this to you, because SF and Sacramento Beer Week make all brewers way too busy to take some time to talk to me about beer. So here it is: the unreleased, demo tracks you never knew you wanted! We do a bottle share in host Ben Rice's apartment and talk BUI's (not IBUs), cicerone tests, comedy,  randomAdam Sandler appearances, and how not to pet a cat. Plus we spitball potential names for the podcast! It was a weird experience, re-listening to life 2.5 years ago, not knowing what this podcast was even going to be. I laughed out loud a few times and I hope you do too. We'll be back soon with all new episodes! In the meantime, enjoy all those beautiful beer weeks and be sure to follow Barley & Me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @barleyandmepod, and subscribe on iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, or Podbean!

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Episode 43: The Art of Beer Invitational, 2017

February 7, 2017

Host Ben Rice makes his second appearance at the Art of Beer Invitational. This will be either episode 43 of Barley & Me or Episode 1 of BarLeddy & Me, as Moonraker's Kyle Leddy takes over co-hosting duties midway through. Join us as we chat with Serious Talk Seriously's Johnny Flores (with Kyle and his wife Claire acting as co-guests!), then we speak with Elisia Gonzales and Delayna Fitzgerald of Eat Farm To Fork, before creating an impromptu beer roundtable with Kyle and Claire (again!), Jeff Broaddus of Karl Strauss, and Casey Carhart of Deschutes. Then we'll close out with some sage words from a few Art of Beer patrons. Plus Becky Lynn sneaks in some words of her own. We have an incredibly deep conversation about the recent brewery buy-outs, plus distribution talk, and we try to remember all the Wayans Brothers. Plus so much more! On Episode 1 of BarLeddy and Me. Enjoy!

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I forgot to give a shout-out to Sol Collective, for whom funds were being raised, so please donate if you can. They are doing wonderful things for art and art education. Solcollective.org

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Thank you so much to all of my guests. If you haven't had their beers yet, how is that even possible?


Episode 42: Jennifer Land Irwin (Art of Beer) & Kate Whelan (Sacramento Beer Week) at Hideaway Bar & Grill

January 24, 2017

Host Ben Rice sits down with event directors Jennifer Land Irwin (Art of Beer, January 27) and Kate Whelan (Sacramento Beer Week, March 2-March 12) to discuss the ins and outs of planning major beer events, while sipping on Christmas ales at Sacramento's Hideaway Bar & Grill, a lovely dive bar on Franklin Blvd. We get into the nitty gritty of event planning, the triumphs and tribulations, plus the differences in a one-night only event at one location versus a week-and-a-half long excursion at dozens of venues. We'll also chat about the Women's March, Stranger Things, classic and new musicals, and how to add an exciting game show element to up the ante at beer events. Plus Gilmore Girls! And politics. Also, Kate's beer group, Hop Broads, and their Beer Week beer design. And everything under the sun, until we get forced to shut up because of inclement weather because I chose to record this outside. Thank you to Hideaway's owner Mariah York-Carr for giving us the space to do this. Enjoy!

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Episode 41: Christmas Bottle Share at Sail Inn Grotto w/ Comedians Stephen Furey, Garrett Boatman, Luke Soin, Emma Haney & Becky Lynn

January 10, 2017

Host Ben Rice conducts a Christmas bottle share with some comedian friends at West Sacramento restaurant Sail Inn Grotto. Guests Stephen Furey (The Comedy Store), Garrett Boatman (retired), Luke Soin (Epic Tiki and The Sexy Podcast), Emma Haney (Fem Dom Com), and Becky Lynn (Hot Drunk Sets) join us, with Stephen Furey leading the charge as we rate the best and worst of: Candy! Cookies! White Elephant Gifts! Beer! Plus Garrett and Ben beef with BevMo, Luke explains how he learned to be intolerant of gluten (the answer might surprise you), and why everyone in comedy hates the word "skit." Plus a look back at the surprising oeuvre of Dane Cook and made-up facts about your favorite young adult novelists. Enjoy episode 41 of Barley & Me!

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Episode 40: Grant Ritchie, Kevin Martin & Mike Mathis of Cascade Brewing (Portland, OR) & Comedian Becky Lynn

December 28, 2016

Host Ben Rice and guest Becky Lynn celebrate their anniver-soury by traveling to Portland, Oregon, and visiting world-renowned sour beer brewery Cascade Brewing. So why not do a podcast? We chat with brewery manager Grant Ritchie, blender Kevin Martin, and head brewer Mike Mathis about what separates sour brewing from typical beer brewing. Plus! Beers that got us into beer, making friends through beer, and beer enthusiasm versus beer snobbery. Plus even more (sour) beer puns and we even go in depth on some horror stories from Cascade's "Tap It Tuesday," in which pre-selected guests get to tap the barrel on their "Live from the Barrel" series. It's a gusher of fruity sticky goodness and this episode is a gusher of information and joy. So grab your lactobacillis and a few dozen of your favorite barrels and enjoy Episode 40 of Barley & Me!

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Episode 39: Non-Alcoholic Beers at Sacramento’s THE SHACK with Comedians Melissa McGillicuddy, Robert Omoto, and Kim Martel

December 13, 2016

Host Ben Rice vists East Sacramento sandwich shop The Shack with comedians Melissa McGillicuddy, Robert Omoto, and Kim Martel to discuss the art, taste, and reasons behind several non-alcoholic beers. We break down their (lack of) flavor and aroma, plus hypothesize why people would imbibe these concoctions in the first place. Plus! Melissa's diet secrets, Kim's discovery of a medical shortcut to dieting, and why certain regions of America don't have access to mangos. And if that wasn't enough, we discover what makes something "artisan" and that even cats love horoscopes. All of this and so much more, on Episode 39 of Barley & Me. Enjoy!


Episode 38: Cathy & Michael Johnson of GoatHouse Brewing and John Marcotte (Heroic Girls, more)

November 20, 2016

Host Ben Rice sits down with Cathy Johnson (owner) and Michael Johnson (brewer) of Lincoln, CA, based nano-brewery, GoatHouse Brewing, along with guest John Marcotte (Heroic Girls, The Cookie Project, #MoreThanCute, and much much more) to get political, philosphical, nerdy, funny, weird, and informative. As John sips on a honey blonde and Ben quaffs a delectable Dark Side stout, we touch on myriad topics beer-adjacent: farming, education, sustainability, community outreach, regulations and restrictions... So many things! Plus John tells us about many of the small things he's done to help the community, as well as his biggest project to date, Heroic Girls, which takes "princess culture" head on. So if you love information, hate pumpkin beers, and wanted to know how a nano-brewery that is located at the owner's house can possibly expand, check out Episode 38 of Barley & Me. It's so good.

Go to www.cookieproject.org and www.heroicgirls.com for more info on those wonderful programs.

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Episode 37: Bryan Crass of Out of Bounds Brewing Co. & Abel Gomez and Chris Guthrie of Sacramento Beer Group

November 8, 2016

Host Ben Rice sits down with Bryan Crass, brewery manager of Out of Bounds Brewing, in Rocklin, CA, along with Abel Gomez and Chris Guthrie, founders of the Sacramento Beer Group Facebook group. We talk about Out of Bounds's new Powdered Toast Man and their slowly-growing barrel program, before diving into long-winded diatribes about the evolution of the beer world and drunk adults at breweries being worse than dogs or children. This podcast also seamlessly mobilizes itself to record in a few different locations. Gotta spot em all! I hope you enjoy our wonderful dissection of all things Sacramento beer.
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Episode 36: Derrick Prasad & Jonathan Martinez of Tilted Mash and Shane Dakan & Autumn Sky-Hall of Backyard Brews & Reviews

October 25, 2016

Host Ben Rice travels to Elk Grove, CA, to visit with Derrick Prasad and Jonathan Martinez of Tilted Mash Brewing, along with Shane Dakan and Autumn Sky-Hall of Backyard Brews and Reviews, a beer and music videocast available on YouTube. We talk Shane and Autumn's love of music and their dabbling in the craft brew world. We also discuss Jonathan's official position as the Pimp Of Foam and all that that entails. Plus: How Tilted Mash's beers get their name - is it name first, beer second, or the other way around? The answer MIGHT SURPRISE YOU. Plus Ben forgets his charger, resulting in the episode being cut short and yet another garbage foray into the post-recording outro business. I apologize for all the sound issues. They shouldn't keep happening in future episodes. And of course, look for Tilted Mash's new triple IPA the AS3ASSIN, coming soon to the brewery near you! And that brewery's new location, also coming soon. Thanks for listening.


Episode 35: Patrick Rue of The Bruery/Bruery Terreux, Herlinda Heras of Brew HaHa Drive Time, and Joe Tucker of RateBeer.com

October 9, 2016

Host Ben Rice spends yet another day at the California Craft Beer Summit, with the full intent of recording another mini-episode during the actual beer festival, featuring Herlinda Heras of the Brew HaHa Drive Time Radio Show and Patrick Rue of the Bruery/Bruery Terreux, only to have Herlinda bring along her co-host Joe Tucker, who also just happens to be the founder of the very popular RateBeer.com. Instead of 15 minutes, we spend 40 minutes discussing the Craft Beer Summit, as well as upcoming RateBeer.com festivals the Funk N Dank Fest and Rate Beer Best Fest. Plus Patrick discusses his humble beginnings, the split-up of The Bruery into two separate entities, and how collaboration beers come about and get brewed. Plus we talk about our first beer loves and Herlinda gives some insight into how dating a non-craft drinker can go terribly wrong. Enjoy!
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